Hog Parking Fall 2013

Local Opportunities

We serve through the LR Compassion Center, Arkansas Rice Depot, Arkansas Food Bank, Methodist Family Health, and Vacation Bible School, as well as a week-long Local Mission Project. Also, we minister to incarcerated youth at the Alexander Youth Prison through worship and fellowship one Sunday each month. In the summer, we participate in Ozark Mission Project, serving in communities throughout the state.

Travel/Abroad Opportunities

phyouth are also in mission across the country and around the world! Past mission experiences include Servants in Faith and Technology (SIFAT) in Alabama, Connect to the Kingdom (C2K) in Dallas, Chicago, Nashville, New York City, New Orleans, Houston, and Mexico, the Bahamas, Ecuador, Rwanda, and Haiti.




Youth 10th-12th grade who have participated in previous trips are eligible to go on an annual summer trip to Guatemala.

Guatemala 2013

We also believe that mission happens in our everyday lives. The way we treat those at home, school, work, or wherever else we may go reflects Christ’s mission working in our hearts on a daily basis.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are work opportunities and some scholarship availability for students who are interested in participating in mission.  Each year a student can earn up to $200 dollars in mission credit during our Hog Parking mission fundraiser!