photo7The Guatemala Medical Mission Experience has been going on for over 10 years.  This inter-generational mission experience combines the talents of doctors and nurses, along with willing helpers to provide medical attention to the people of Guatemala for a week every summer.


Our surgery team works each day at the local clinic while the larger part of the group goes out into the villages to set up a makeshift medical clinic.

The youth who participate are active in every aspect from observing the doctors in the clinics or helping in the pharmacy and the dentist office, to building relationships with the children in each of these small villages.  As a group, we also collect ball caps, sunglasses, reading glasses, small toys, and children’s tennis shoes throughout the year to take with us.

Students in 10th-12th grades who have already participated in one of phyouth’s mission opportunities are eligible for this amazing summer break event!  For questions or information, contact Jay.  This experience is very limited and to go, you must have been part of other phyouth mission experiences.