Refuge Forms

Dear 6/7 graders going to Refuge this weekend:

We will plan to leave from IN FRONT OF THE CHURCH ON WOODLAWN AT 3:30pm on Friday. That means pulling out at 3:30…the charter bus is on a strict schedule.  We will return to the church at 2pm on Sunday. I will have kids call when we are 30 minutes out. Sunday afternoon is also our annual hayride and bonfire at the Hoskyn Farm- we will leave again from the front of the church at 4pm.

SOTO furnishes bedding and towels. Pack light. You will only need money for snacks and SOTO sells shirts/hoodies. If you want to horseback ride, cliff swing, or ropes course on Saturday- that is an additional $10 and we will sign up for ONE of those on Friday night. There are lots of free things to do, too if you don’t want to do a $10 activity.

Let me know if you have any questions. Here is the link for the TWO forms I need back by Thursday afternoon (they are in this post at the bottom). You can email them at or text me a picture of them. I have to upload them before we leave.


Casual clothes. Toiletries. Warm jacket. A little snack money.

Soto provides bedding & towels

The bare bones schedule:

Friday night: arrive, move in, eat, worship.

Saturday: breakfast, morning watch, worship, big group games, lunch, small group, free activities/hiking/adventure activities, dinner, worship/communion, movie, bed

Sunday: breakfast, morning watch, pack/clean, closing worship, leave.

Sunday, we will leave Soto at 11am and will NOT top for lunch. They will have a wonderful big breakfast.

Here is who I have going:

Kate Adams
Olivia Adams
Noah Anderson
Tristan Baker
Annie Blick
Virginia Brantley
Liza Bynum
Angelene Cain
Christianne Cain
Brooklyn Cain
Madi Carr
Stella Cochran
Sybil Curren
Catherine Daugherty
Meredith Gadberry
Lilla Gordy
Louis Gornatti
Lacey Gross
Lauren Grotte
Drew Guinn
Turner Harbour
Jake Harrelson
Sadie Harris
Parker Hartsfield
Lucie Haynes
Saer Hollingsworth
Eden Holman
Sophie Howell
Vivian Huff
Sydney Johnson
Jacob Jones
George Knox
Kate Kostopulos
Walker Lampley
Cash Lee
Madison Mace
Barrett Mehrabi
Juliana Neesvig
Addison Linder
Katharine Olsen
Will Palmer
Nate Palmer
Spencer Pittman
Heidi Sanders
Ella Scott
Addie Spencer
Leslie Wallace
Guy Webb
Jay zADULT- Clark
Rachel zADULT- Knox
Trenton zADULT- Teegarden
Rod zADULT-Hocott
Corie zADULTHollingsworth
Shelly zADULT- Gross
Sarah zADULT- Clem


CLICK HERE: Refuge SOTO- 2019

CLICK HERE: Refuge Medical 2019