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Friends, tomorrow night (Wednesday) is our first Confirmation University!  This special 3 week course allows 6th graders who have several absences or older students who missed confirmation or would like a refresher on what they learned, to learn what it means to be a United Methodist and a member of this church.  If you are interested in being a part of the class, email Jay ( to let us know.

This Sunday in youth we will finish up our theme: What’s Next?
We’ve just celebrated Christ’s resurrection at Easter a couple of weeks ago and now we wonder: what’s next?  What happened next in the biblical story and what happens next in our faith journeys after Easter Sunday passes?  We remember that we don’t need to be Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter Christians, our faith should inform and impact every day of our year!  We hope you join us as we close this thought-provoking series out.

looking forward

April 13th (Wednesday) Confirmation University 6:30-7:30

April 22nd Confirmation Retreat

April 23rd Miracle League, 9:15am – 3pm

April 24th PHUMC @ Dickey Stephens (no charge, reserve your tickets here.)

this week


6:30pm Confirmation University, meet in the phyouth area


9am Worship
10am Sunday School
11am Worship
5:30pm phyouth What’s next?

Have a great week!