This week our Lenten focus is on prayer and reflection.  We can, of course, pray each day on our own or with our families, but there is something special about sending up prayers in our communities of faith.  Join us Sunday at 5:30pm for supper and youth group!


phyouth is leading worship at Methodist Family Health with the children and youth who live there.  If you have a heart for helping people and/or you need service hours, meet at 2pm in Jay’s office to plan our worship service and head to the home.  We will be back to the church around 4:45.  Email to let me know you’re planning on helping.

Upcoming Lent Activities

February 24th – Lent Small Groups (Wed. 6:30-7:30pm)

March 6th – Lent Video Scavenger Hunt

March 13th – Romans and Christians


6:30pm Lent Small groups for all ages – 6:30-7:30pm


9am Worship

10am Sunday School

11am Worship

2pm Methodist Family Health Worship

5:30pm phyouth: Reflect