Becoming New


Becoming empty so that we might be filled

Last week we looked at becoming empty; emptying ourselves of distractions and barriers that keep us from God. Join us this week at phyouth to discuss how we are made new by God through our participation in the Lenten season.  We are asking the Holy Spirit to take the emptiness we create in our practice and fill us up with love and grace.

phyouth Lent Activities

Wed. Night Small Group                 February 17th-March 16th

Lent Video Scavenger Hunt          March 6th

Romans and Christians                  March 13th

This Week

6:30pm. phyouth Lent small groups led by Jay and Jennie.  Meet in the phyouth room and feel free to bring a meal or snack to eat while we meet.  Pick up at 7:30pm!


9am. Worship
10am. Sunday School/Shake it Up Lent
11am. Worship
5:30pm. phyouth
7:15pm. 9th-12th Bible Study with Jimmy Faulkner