Ashes to Ashes…

Becoming empty so that we might be filled...

Empty yourself and be filled

This season of Lent, let us all think about the things that get in the way of our openness to God, to our saying “yes” when God calls on us, to our growth in faith and love.  On the cross, Christ poured himself out so that we might be saved, filled, and transformed by God’s unrelenting love.  We can spend the next 40 days reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice, and on our response to this incredible gift.  We encourage you to think of things to set aside for the season of Lent.  What things prevent us from hearing when God speaks to us?  What is monopolizing our attention when we could be reading our Bibles, praying, or spending time in Christian community?  We also encourage you to think of practices to try during Lent.  Are there new people at school or work that you could take time to meet?  Can you commit to 10 minutes of prayer/scripture reading a day?  Do you have 1 pair of shoes you can wear the entire Lenten season in solidarity with those who only have 1 pair of shoes?  There are many ways to open yourself to experience God in a new way during Lent.  Let us all become empty of fear, shame and guilt, so that we can be filled up with Christ’s peace and love.

phyouth Lent Activities

Lent Kickoff                        February 14th

Lent Video Scavenger Hunt      March 6th

Romans and Christians            March 13th

This Week

6pm St. Olaf’s Choir in the Sanctuary ($30/adult; $10/youth)

Sunday – Youth Sabbath

9am – Worship/Youth Sabbath
10am – Sunday School
11am – Worship/Youth Sabbath
5:30pm – phyouth (meet in the gym)

Have a wonderful week!  Let us know how we can be praying for you this Lent.