O Come, Emmanuel

o come

As advent gives way to Christmas, we transition from hopeful anticipation to joyful celebration of God’s long-awaited birth in Jesus.  After years and centuries and millennia of waiting for the Savior to come and deliver humanity from the crummy predicament we were in – God arrives.  God arrives in the form of a helpless infant.  The God who created all things by the words of his mouth was born as an infant who could not yet speak.  The same Jesus who fed 5,000+ people in an open field came to the earth reliant on humans for his every basic need.

This God we love and follow meets us in our likeness, even though we are made to be like God.  God took on human limitation in the form of Jesus so that we could be set free from the limitation of sin and death once and for all.

Take a few moments this week to reflect on this very event, because this is the good news!  This is peace on earth!  Let us share this message of hope and love and relationship with the world around us this Christmas.  Peace and love be with you all.

phyouth will resume meeting on Sunday nights January 10th.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to our phyouth families and friends.  Let us know how we can be in ministry with your family over winter break.

Love, Jennie and Jay