BONFIRE (1)This Sunday night is our annual Bonfire/Hayride at the Hoskyn farm!  We will meet at PHUMC on the UPPER parking deck at 4pm on Sunday afternoon to leave at 4:15.  We are shuttling everyone to England in a charter bus and church vans.  We will also need extra parents/vehicles to help get everyone out to the farm.  Let us know if you are able to help out by driving that evening (  We will be back at the church at 7:15, our usual time.

It would also be really helpful if we had medical release forms for every student who participates in our phyouth events, should we need health information.  The form is here:15-16 PERMISSION FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT.  Please fill it out and email it to (Jennie) or bring it on Sunday afternoon.


9am Worship

10am Sunday school/Confirmation

11am Worship

2pm Meet at Clinton Library for the Walk Out of the Darkness

3:30 Pick up at Clinton Library after the Walk

4pm Meet at PHUMC UPPER Parking Deck to board buses/vans/cars to head to the Hoskyn Farm.

7:15pm Pick up at PHUMC

See you Sunday!

Peace and Love,