Simplify Your Life

simplify-001 Friends,

Please be in prayer for our Senior High students as we travel to peaceful Shepherd of the Ozarks with about 40 students and adults this weekend.  Fall Retreat is upon us and we are to headed north Arkansas to unplug for a couple of days.  Our theme is Simplify: we want to continue to learn how to live simply like Christ.

Other things to be aware of this week:

  • Our 2nd week of Act Groups!  We had a great first week last week and want you all to continue to make a point to spend an hour with us on Wednesdays studying scripture and looking harder at our faith.  We have a group for every grade/gender (except 7/8th grade boys, who will begin their study on Renegade Gospel October 14th!)
  •  Since the Senior High youth don’t return until Sunday evening from retreat, Sunday night we are having a movie night for phyouth, featuring Disney’s Descendants!  We will begin the movie right at 5:30pm in Wesley Hall, so make sure you are on time to dinner so you don’t miss out on the beginning! *Parents, phyouth may run over about 10 minutes in an effort to show the entire feature*



6:30pm Act Groups! Meet in the phyouth room at 6:30pm and we will be finished at 7:30.


5:30pm 9-12th Fall Retreat: Simplify!  Meet on the upper parking deck at PHUMC to load the bus for SOTO.  Make sure you eat before you come; we will not be stopping for food along the way!


9am Worship

10am Sunday School – meet in the phyouth room

11am Worship

1pm Return from Fall Retreat (pick up on the upper parking deck at PHUMC)

5:30pm phyouth night at the movies, featuring Disney’s Descendants!  (Pick up Sunday night around 7:30pm!)

7:15pm 9th-12th Bible Study with Jimmy Faulkner

Have a wonderful week!