Woo Pig Sooie!

Hog Parking

This Saturday is the big game here in Little Rock!  71GxXbuT2XL._SY355_If you do not have plans to go to the game, you can come and help us park cars to fund-raise for the youth mission fund, and earn some $$ for yourself to go toward one of our phyouth mission opportunities (SBX, OMP, Guatemala).  If you ARE going to the game, you can support our phyouth ministry by parking your car at PHUMC for a $20 donation!  If you want to help park or work the concession stand, meet at PHUMC in the lower parking deck at 10am.  We will provide sandwiches and drinks for our volunteers for lunch!

Fall Kick off and Building Consecration (Sept. 11-13th)!

This weekend is our PHUMC church-wide Fall Kick off!  There is a special service on Friday night followed by a meal in our new gathering space (rsvp to 664-3600) and Bishop Mueller will be preaching/simulcast to all four worship services on Sunday morning! -POP (1) Then, Sunday Night Live begins the night of the 13th, and phyouth will be eating at 5:30pm with the adults and children in the Great Hall before breaking off for our regular phyouth activities in Wesley Hall and the phyouth room. This is week 2 of our What’s YOUR Jam? series, you don’t want to miss!

Don’t Forget…

  • To register for Refuge: www.accym.org/refuge
  • To let us know if you’re interest in our Spring Break Mission Experience: ATL.  We will be touring a few major civil rights cities in the south including Atlanta, Memphis, and Selma during this experience!
  • To come to Sunday School this Sunday!  In addition to confirmation for 6th graders, our new classes are 7/8th grade (studying the major figures of the Old and New Testament); 9th-11th Grade (studying Christ’s lessons on LOVE, in all its forms); and Seniors (studying the 5 marks of a Methodist)!

This week:


10am Meet in the lower parking deck for Hog Parking!

11am Eat sandwiches and then break into parking/concession groups

3:30pm Parking volunteers finish up

6pm Concession volunteers finish up

11pm The gates of the lower parking deck close for the night


9am Worship/ Consecration of new building

10am Sunday School – meet in the phyouth room

11am Worship/ Consecration of the new building

5:30pm phyouth What’s YOUR Jammeet in the Gym for dinner, then we will head over to the youth building.

Let us know how we can be in ministry with you and your families this week!  Love you all!