What’s YOUR Jam? 2015


Thanks to everyone who was a part of making our Back to School Bash happen!  We had 186 youth and another 25 or so adults in attendance-a phyouth record!  This week we are having our regular phyouth Sunday night activities at PHUMC (5:30pm).  We are so excited about beginning this school year right.  That said, it’s time for a phyouth favorite: What’s YOUR Jam?-POP (1)

On Sunday night we will begin the first of 3 weeks of our theme: What’s YOUR Jam?  We believe that our faith in Christ should be woven into the details of our everyday lives (even what we listen to on the radio!) and not just something we examine once or twice a week in church.  So, each week at phyouth we will be looking at a popular song and exploring how the lyrics and music might point us toward God.   We hope you join us this Sunday for food, fellowship, and a look at our own faith.

Weekly Events:


9am Worship

10am Sunday School for grades 6th-12th (meet in the phyouth room)

11am Worship

12pm Confirmation luncheon (RSVP to 664-3600 asap!)

5:30pm phyouth group: What’s YOUR Jam? Meet in the phyouth room, pick up at 7:15!

Upcoming phyouth activities…

  • September 3rd – First Breakfast Club of the year!  Meet at the Markham Chick Fil A at 7:30 am – We will get you to school!
  • September 6th – NO phyouth!  Have a great Labor Day Weekend!
  • September 12th – Hog Parking @ 11am (Lower Parking Deck)
  • September 13th – PHUMC Churchwide Fall Kick-Off! 
  • September 25th-27th – phyouth Senior High Fall Retreat!  Register now by email: jwilliams@phumc.com.

Don’t miss an opportunity plug in at phyouth!  We love you and we can’t wait to see you Sunday night!