Holy Week

Holy Week

My prayer for this holy week is that we all take a moment to reflect on God’s great gift – how God emptied himself and took on the form of humanity, so that through Christ we might finally be set free from sin in order to love one another.

There are many worship opportunities this week, I encourage you to find a spot in your schedule to come and celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord.  See the schedule below for worship dates and times.

This Week.


6:30pm Girls Small Groups

  • 7/8th Grade meets at PHUMC in the 7th/8th grade SS room.  Bring a snack or dinner if you want!
  • 9/10th Grade meets at Canon Grill

8:00pm Senior Small Group – meet in Jay’s office


7:30am – Breakfast Club at Chick fil a (Markham)

5:00pm – rehearsal for Maundy Thursday volunteers (meet in the Sanctuary)

6pm – Maundy Thursday worship service in the Sanctuary


12pm – Good Friday Service in the Sanctuary

6pm – Good Friday Service in the Sanctuary


7am – Riverfront Easter Sunrise Service

8:30am – Worship (New Heights and Sanctuary)

9:45am – Sunday School/ Worship (New Heights and Sanctuary)

11am – Worship (New Heights and Sanctuary)


NO YOUTH SUNDAY NIGHT!  Spend the time with your loved ones!

See you next week,