What if God was One of Us (and other questions of Faith)…



The Hogs are taking Little Rock this weekend and phyouth is providing our annual parking services here at PHUMC!  You can support phyouth in two ways:

1) For all ages:  If you are attending the game, come park at PHUMC for a $20 donation to phyouth mission and ministry, and buy your concessions from concession stand #29 inside War Memorial!

2) For phyouth: Come and work Hog Parking or Hog Concession and phyouth will bank a portion of the funds raised in each individual’s name to be used on a future mission opportunity!  The longer you work, the more money towards mission you will earn.

This week at phyouth Sunday night – Jay is back!  He and I will be attempting to tackle some of the hard questions of faith that the youth have written down over the last several weeks.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Is heaven real?  Who will be there?  Questions like these will be open for discussion this Sunday night!



6:30pm: Girls Bible study

7/8th – meet at PHUMC in the 7th/8th grade Sunday school room with Leigh-Alyson Walters, bring a snack or dinner if you want!

9th/10th – meet at Panera with Becky Langley for dinner and devos!


10am – HOG PARKING/CONCESSION!! Meet at PHUMC in the Lower Parking deck at 10am to begin parking cars or setting up at War Memorial for the concession stand.  Parking will be over at 3:30 and concession will be over sometime during the 2nd half of the game.


9am – Worship in Sanctuary or New Heights service

10am – Sunday school, meet in the phyouth room

11am – Worship in Sanctuary or New Heights service

5:00 – Prison Ministry with Jimmy Faulkner (meet in the lower parking deck)

5:30 – Youth – Is Heaven For Real (and other difficult questions of our faith)?


Have a Great Week!


P.S. Jay sends his love from Caesarea!