The Big Questions


Last Sunday.

Youth Worship on Sunday night was amazing.  Each small group wrote and led us in a piece of the worship service and I was reminded how vital young people are to the life of the church – not just their presence but also their perspective.  Thank you to all who were here and participated.  It was both a proud and humbling moment for me and the other adults who were there.

What’s next?

At Senior High Fall Retreat Jay and I provided time for the youth who were there to write down some troubling, difficult, or unanswered questions they had about the Christian faith.  In two weeks we will attempt to tackle (or at least talk out) some of these very hard (but very good) questions.  Before we do, we want to give the rest of the youth group an opportunity to ask the “big questions” of faith they have.  To get the ball rolling and to hear an interpretation of one of the mysteries of our faith, we will be watching the movie Heaven is For Real in youth Sunday night.  During the movie we will pass out note cards for people to write their own questions on.  We will have to start the movie almost immediately, so make sure you get here on time!



6:30pm Girls’ small groups

  • 7th/8th grade meet at Panera (University) with Lauren Manatt
  • 9th/10th grade meet at PHUMC in the Sunday School area with Allyson Pittman


9am – Worship in Sanctuary or New Heights

10am – Sunday School, meet in the youth room before we break into classes

11am – Worship in Sanctuary or New Heights

12:20pm – Cornerstone choir

5:30pm – phyouth: Is heaven for real (and other important questions of faith)?

7:15pm – Senior High Bible Study with Jimmy Faulkner