This Sunday will be a day of commitment at PHUMC.  First, our confirmands will be confirmed in the 9am Sanctuary and New Heights services, affirming their commitment to Christ and his Church.  Then at our last phyouth until the fall, we are all going to reexamine our own commitment to Christ and our church.  Finally, we will all commit to praying for our outgoing seniors and our upcoming confirmands, each of whom are entering a new and exciting phase of life, each phase bringing new challenges.  We hope you’ll join us for our last youth group before the summer!

This week we also have 2 outreach options this Sunday. We are taking a group of youth to Methodist Family Health on Sunday afternoon to lead a short worship service for kids and youth staying in their facilities.  Jimmy Faulkner is also taking a group of senior high to the youth prison on Sunday evening.

This week:


6:30pm: 7th/8th grade girls small group-last small group for the summer!  Meet at Newk’s off of University (right next to Panera)


8:30am: Confirmands meet in Shamblin Chapel

9:00am: Confirmands confirmed in Sanctuary and New Heights Services

10:00am: Sunday School

2:00pm: Meet in Jay’s office for Methodist Family Health planning

5:30pm: LAST phyouth of the 2013-2014 school year!

5:30pm: Prison Ministry

Have a great week!