Spring forward!


Spring!  All I have to say is:  I’m READY.  I hope this beautiful weather hangs around for a while.  Something about being able to go outside and enjoy the cool breeze makes the time of Lent seem even more rewarding.  I trust you all are spending some time as a family this Lenten season and holding each other accountable for your spiritual disciplines.  We will be checking in periodically with the youth during Sunday night meetings and Sunday school to see how their Lenten practices are going and what God is showing them through their sacrifice.

This week at phyouth:


6:30pm – 7th/8th grade girls small group meets at PHUMC (popcorn and jelly beans will be provided, bring your favorite snack to share if you would like)


10:00am – Sunday School

4:15pm: Cornerstone rehearsal

5:30pm: PHUMC church-wide potluck!  Families join your phyouth and bring a dish to share!

6:30pm: Oh, Jonah!  Musical production by PHkids.  phyouth will be using youth time to support our future phyouth members during this special performance! ***special alert: Jay Clark will be guest starring as “the Whale”, so that should be reason enough to catch this performance :)***