The last two Sunday nights we have been discussing the reality of poverty and hunger in the United States and our responsibility as the body of Christ.  Not only are we to feel empathy and compassion for those who are in need around us, but we also have to act in ways that  contribute to fixing the problem.  All this week phyouth is helping is by hosting a PHUMC-wide clothing drive to support the local Compassion Center here in Little Rock.  Bring clothing donations to the Great Hall/Gym and leave them on the stage by Sunday, February 23rd.  On Sunday, phyouth will sort and prepare the donations to be picked up by the Compassion Center.

Reminder: All Veritas $$ is due by Sunday, Feb. 23rd.

Other phyouth events this Week:


6:30pm – 7th/8th Grade girls small group meets at PHUMC


10:00am – Sunday School (meet in youth room)

2:00pm – phyouth lead a special service at the Methodist Behavioral Hospital.  We will plan our service from 2:00pm-2:40, and be at the Hospital from 3:00-400.  We will be back in time for choir at 4:30.

4:30pm – Cornerstone Singers

5:30pm- phyouth group

I hope everyone has a wonderful, compassion filled week!