Trick or Treat!

happy halloween

This Sunday, Oct. 26th, is our annual PHUMC Halloween Carnival!  Each year, phyouth ministries organizes the Halloween Carnival in an effort to reach out to our Hillcrest community and invite people into the church in a casual and non-intrusive way.  In addition, we also invite and provide transportation for children staying at Methodist Family Health to participate.  It’s one of the biggest community outreaches that our church does, hosting over 600 kids and their families in 2013.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS – both youth and parents – to help set up, run the carnival booths, and tear down.   We will be in the gym immediately following the 11am worship service and finish up around 5:30pm.  Lunch will be provided for volunteers.  If you can help email Jay or Jennie, or just show up ready to work!

Other Things.

We only have 2 spots left for junior high (Shoal Creek, June 7-11) and 1 spot left for senior high (Blytheville, June 14-20) OMP camps. We will be making a waiting list in case anyone’s plans change. A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot, let Jennie know immediately if you would like to go!



6:30pm – Girls Small Groups

  • 7th/8th grade – meet at Cantrell Taziki’s with Jennie Williams
  • 9th/10th grade – meet at Potbelly (University) with Emily Stotts


6:30pm – Confirmands Walk the Labyrinth with Jay.  Meet in the youth room.  Pizza will be provided for dinner


9am – Worship (Sanctuary or New Heights)

10am – Sunday School

11am – Worship (Sanctuary or New Heights)

12pm – Set up for Halloween Carnival in the Gym/Great Hall; lunch will be provide

3pm – Halloween Carnival!  The carnival is over at 5pm and we should be done cleaning up about 5:30.  This will take the place of phyouth, so come and help out and you’ll be done for the evening!

We hope it’s a great week – let us know how we can be in ministry with you!

Jennie and Jay

What if God was One of Us (and other questions of Faith)…



The Hogs are taking Little Rock this weekend and phyouth is providing our annual parking services here at PHUMC!  You can support phyouth in two ways:

1) For all ages:  If you are attending the game, come park at PHUMC for a $20 donation to phyouth mission and ministry, and buy your concessions from concession stand #29 inside War Memorial!

2) For phyouth: Come and work Hog Parking or Hog Concession and phyouth will bank a portion of the funds raised in each individual’s name to be used on a future mission opportunity!  The longer you work, the more money towards mission you will earn.

This week at phyouth Sunday night – Jay is back!  He and I will be attempting to tackle some of the hard questions of faith that the youth have written down over the last several weeks.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Is heaven real?  Who will be there?  Questions like these will be open for discussion this Sunday night!



6:30pm: Girls Bible study

7/8th – meet at PHUMC in the 7th/8th grade Sunday school room with Leigh-Alyson Walters, bring a snack or dinner if you want!

9th/10th – meet at Panera with Becky Langley for dinner and devos!


10am – HOG PARKING/CONCESSION!! Meet at PHUMC in the Lower Parking deck at 10am to begin parking cars or setting up at War Memorial for the concession stand.  Parking will be over at 3:30 and concession will be over sometime during the 2nd half of the game.


9am – Worship in Sanctuary or New Heights service

10am – Sunday school, meet in the phyouth room

11am – Worship in Sanctuary or New Heights service

5:00 – Prison Ministry with Jimmy Faulkner (meet in the lower parking deck)

5:30 – Youth – Is Heaven For Real (and other difficult questions of our faith)?


Have a Great Week!


P.S. Jay sends his love from Caesarea!


The Big Questions


Last Sunday.

Youth Worship on Sunday night was amazing.  Each small group wrote and led us in a piece of the worship service and I was reminded how vital young people are to the life of the church – not just their presence but also their perspective.  Thank you to all who were here and participated.  It was both a proud and humbling moment for me and the other adults who were there.

What’s next?

At Senior High Fall Retreat Jay and I provided time for the youth who were there to write down some troubling, difficult, or unanswered questions they had about the Christian faith.  In two weeks we will attempt to tackle (or at least talk out) some of these very hard (but very good) questions.  Before we do, we want to give the rest of the youth group an opportunity to ask the “big questions” of faith they have.  To get the ball rolling and to hear an interpretation of one of the mysteries of our faith, we will be watching the movie Heaven is For Real in youth Sunday night.  During the movie we will pass out note cards for people to write their own questions on.  We will have to start the movie almost immediately, so make sure you get here on time!



6:30pm Girls’ small groups

  • 7th/8th grade meet at Panera (University) with Lauren Manatt
  • 9th/10th grade meet at PHUMC in the Sunday School area with Allyson Pittman


9am – Worship in Sanctuary or New Heights

10am – Sunday School, meet in the youth room before we break into classes

11am – Worship in Sanctuary or New Heights

12:20pm – Cornerstone choir

5:30pm – phyouth: Is heaven for real (and other important questions of faith)?

7:15pm – Senior High Bible Study with Jimmy Faulkner

phyouth worships

CONTINUALWORSHIPWe had such an amazing weekend with the Senior High Youth at Shepherd of the Ozark. We are very much looking forward to our Junior High having a similar experience at Refuge in just a few short weeks.

This week, to gather us all back together, we are having a very special Sunday night youth-led evening of worship.  We need everyone there to make it perfect!


1.  Last call to sign up for Refuge!  Visit to register and upload forms.

2.  We have our first Sunday nursing home ministry this week!  Meet at the church at 2:30pm to make cards for our members, then we will head out around 3.  We will be back to the church between 4-4:30!

3.  It’s time to start signing up for OMP!  Be on the lookout for an email with dates and deposit amount.

This week:


6:30pm – Girls’ Small Groups

  • 7/8th meet at PHUMC in the 7th/8th Sunday school room with Leigh-Alyson Walters
  • 9/10th meet at Newk’s with Susan Hoskyn

8pm – Senior Small Group at PHUMC mee in the youth room with Jay


7:30am – Breakfast Club!  Meet at Chick Fil A off Markham!


9am Worship (Sanctuary/New Heights)

10am Sunday School – meet in the phyouth room

11am Worship (Sanctuary/New Heights)

12:30pm Cornerstone Choir

2:30pm Nursing Home Ministry – meet in the phyouth room

5:30pm Youth Worship!

7:15pm Senior High Bible Study with Jimmy Faulkner


Have a great week!


Am I Wrong?


This week the senior high is traveling to the Ozark mountain oasis that is SOTO (don’t worry middle school–you’ll get to see it at Refuge!).  The theme for the retreat closes out our series What’s Your Jam?  with “Am I wrong?”  Please be in prayer for our senior high youth as we prepare for a weekend of introspection and deepened faith.  Also, we’re going to have a lot of fun, too!

Other notable things for phyouth:

  • 6th-9th graders: sign up for Refuge on asap!  We already have a great group going and you don’t want to miss out on this weekend.  The cost is $130 and the dates are Nov. 7th-9th.
  • No phyouth this Sunday! We will resume on October 5th, with our first nursing ministry visits starting that afternoon followed by regular youth programming.
  • Basketball Registration Begins October 1st!  Be on the look out for forms and mailings!

This week:


6:30pm–Girl’s Small Groups

  • 7th/8th Grade Girls-meet at Newk’s with Stacie Wickliffe
  • 9th/10th Grade Girls-meet at PHUMC in the Sunday school area with Jennie Williams


5:30pm–Fall Retreat: meet on the upper parking deck with your bags and your medical release forms! Eat before you come – no food or drink will be allowed on the bus.


9 or 11am Worship in New Heights or Sanctuary

10am Sunday School–meet in the youth room for announcements

1pm–Senior High return from Fall Retreat


Have a great week!


Jennie and Jay

Scholarships Available!

If you’ve ever wanted to attend a phyouth event that was too much of a financial burden, we want you to know we have scholarship funds available to every grade level of phyouth!

To make this process more stream-lined, we will be using this scholarship application form:

Form – Event Scholarship Request 2014

If you ever need financial assistance for any of our trips, retreats, or events, fill out this form and return it to Jay or Jennie.  You can find it under the scholarships tab at the top right of the webpage. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in something!

For further questions email

Love Runs Out…

Love Runs OutOr so says One Republic.  What does Jesus say?  Come to our Sunday night meeting for our final night of “What’s Your Jam?” and let’s look at One Republic’s “Love Runs Out” to see how these words speak about our faith.  We so appreciate all of you for showing up and being an important part of phyouth.


1.  Fall Retreat (Sept. 26-28th) $$$ is due this Wednesday, September 17!  Bring a check by the church or mail it to 4823 Woodlawn, 72205 attn: Jennie Williams.  If you have not signed up we need to know that you want to go now!

2.  Refuge (Nov. 7-9th) registration continues (until all the spots fill up, which is usually pretty quickly).  Follow this link to register and pay online:

3.  This week is our first Prison Ministry led by Jimmy Faulkner for the school year.  All high school students are encouraged to participate if you are interested.  No tank tops or shorts please. See below for more information.

What’s Next


6:30pm-Girls small group

  • 7/8th grade-meet at PHUMC.  Bring snacks or dinner!
  • 9/10th grade-meet at Panera off University!


9/11am-Worship in New Heights or Sanctuary

10am-Sunday school, meet in phyouth room

4:45pm-Prison Ministry: (9th-12th) meet in the lower parking deck at PHUMC

5:30pm-What’s Your Jam? “Love Runs Out”:  snack supper starts at 5:30 and youth programming begins at 6pm

Have a great week!  Let us know how we can be there for you.


Jennie and Jay