Celebrate our Planet

Earth day

In honor and celebration of Earth Day last Tuesday, we will be spending Sunday afternoon at Allsopp Park, enjoying God’s beautiful creation!  Food and fun is being provided so bring yourself and your friends.  We will meet at the part at 5pm and be done around 7:15pm.  Pray for good weather!

On Saturday phyouth has a wonderful opportunity to be actively involved in our community and get to know some really cool families.  From 9:30am-12:30pm we will be volunteering with the Miracle League, a baseball league for children with disabilities or special needs, at Jr. Deputy Park off of Cantrell.  You will be a buddy!  You will be assisting, protecting, and cheering a ML player in their game. The time spent at the ballpark will be so much fun and not soon forgotten.

Weekend Recap


4:30pm–Confirmands meet in the lower parking deck at PHUMC for our confirmation retreat at Heifer Int’l!


9:30am–phyouth arrive at Jr. Deputy Park and check in to get your buddy.  This shift will last until 12:30pm

12:30pm–Confirmands arrive from Heifer at Jr. Deputy Park to help with ML.

4pm–Miracle League activities end for the day


10am–Sunday School

5:00pm–Meet at Allsopp Park for our phyouth Earth Day festivities

Holy Week


We began Holy Week by walking together as a youth group through the ministry of Jesus from the perspective of one of my favorite biblical characters: Peter.  I find Peter to be one of the most relate-able figures in the New Testament, so to visualize Christ’s life and death through his eyes was really powerful.

During this last week of Lent our anticipation as a Church builds for the celebration of Easter.  Though the services we participate in are dark and sober, even at the foot of the cross we relish the hope of the resurrection.  I encourage everyone to attend as a family one or more of our Holy Week services (see schedule below).


NO Small Group tonight!


6pm-Maundy Thursday service in the Sanctuary (phyouth will be serving communion and helping with the hand-washing stations).  7th/8th grade girls: This will replace our Wednesday night meeting this week–Meet Jennie and Jay in the Parlor at 5pm.  All ages:  if you would like to participate in the service please email Jennie @ jwilliams@phumc.com.


12pm and 6pm-Holy Friday service in the Sanctuary.  Come and experience as a community the Stations of the Cross.


10:00am - Allsopp Park Pavilion for the PHUMC Easter egg hunt!  We need youth  helpers to paint faces and play with the kids!!!!  The hunt will begin at 11am and all activities events will be over by noon.  If you are helping with the hunt or would like to, email kfinney@phumc.com for details!


7am-Easter Sunrise Service at the River front downtown

8:30, 9:45, 11am- Sunday Services in the Sanctuary and New Heights

NO YOUTH SUNDAY NIGHT! Spend the time together as a family!


Jennie and Jay

Thankful for phyouth


I have had time over the past several weeks, through the mission experience in NYC and the week or so following, to reflect on how thankful I am for our phyouth.  There is no question that God has blessed our youth group with some of the kindest, most compassionate young people on the planet.  The care that you have for each other is inspiring to watch.  I hope we continue to invite our friends and neighbors to experience the love of Christ that we share with one another.

I am thankful everyday that I have the privilege to minister along side all of you.

We need volunteers on Sunday morning to help pass out fliers before each worship service for Walk for the Waiting, an event that will benefit foster children in our community who are waiting placements.  For more info about the event: http://www.walkforthewaiting.org/.  If you can help at either 9 or 11 in either service email jwilliams@phumc.com

This week at phyouth:

Wednesday night

6:30pm- 7th/8th grade small group at PHUMC; feel free to bring a snack or your dinner!


10am – Sunday School

12:15-1:30 – Cornerstone Rehearsal

5:30 – phyouth featuring “Peters Walk”!  Come for an exciting sensory experience of Jesus’ final days through one of his disciple’s, Peter’s, perspective!

Have a great week!






Spring forward!


Spring!  All I have to say is:  I’m READY.  I hope this beautiful weather hangs around for a while.  Something about being able to go outside and enjoy the cool breeze makes the time of Lent seem even more rewarding.  I trust you all are spending some time as a family this Lenten season and holding each other accountable for your spiritual disciplines.  We will be checking in periodically with the youth during Sunday night meetings and Sunday school to see how their Lenten practices are going and what God is showing them through their sacrifice.

This week at phyouth:


6:30pm – 7th/8th grade girls small group meets at PHUMC (popcorn and jelly beans will be provided, bring your favorite snack to share if you would like)


10:00am – Sunday School

4:15pm: Cornerstone rehearsal

5:30pm: PHUMC church-wide potluck!  Families join your phyouth and bring a dish to share!

6:30pm: Oh, Jonah!  Musical production by PHkids.  phyouth will be using youth time to support our future phyouth members during this special performance! ***special alert: Jay Clark will be guest starring as “the Whale”, so that should be reason enough to catch this performance :)***

phyouth volunteer opportunities


There are two upcoming volunteer opportunities for our phyouth!

  • PHUMC Easter Egg Hunt - PHkids is hosting our annual church Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19th at the Allsopp Park Pavilion from 8:45am-12pm.  We need youth volunteers to help set up the hunt and run a tattoo table for the children who are participating.  Email kfinney@phumc.com for more details.
  • Walk For The Waiting - This is a one-mile charity walk for The Call and other organizations to raise money for foster children who are waiting to be placed in a stable, loving home.  The Walk is on Saturday, April 26th @9:15am.  You can form teams, walk as a family, or come as a single.  Registration starts at 8am and there is a post-walk celebration.  For more info or to register: http://www.walkforthewaiting.org.

Veritas! and other things…

Clothing-Drive1Sunday night’s phyouth clothes-sorting event was awesome. We sorted over 1000lbs of clothes to donate to the Compassion Center and we are still receiving items (so if you missed out on bringing your gently worn trends you still have time to bring them to the church)!  We were overwhelmed by our church family’s willingness to help us support a worthy local cause.

This weekend is, of course, VERITAS!  It’s going to be a great weekend.  phyouth is taking over 60 students and counselors to participate in this conference wide worship and discipleship experience.  We are expecting for God to move mightily, and for our youth to be shining examples of Christian disciples.  If you are registered for Veritas, look for a letter in the mail this week regarding last minute info/packing instructions.  We are meeting at PHUMC on the upper parking deck at 5:30pm on Friday evening.  Eat before you come!  We should be back to the church around 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

Other events this week at phyouth:


6:30pm- 7th/8th grade small group at Panera on University


10am – Sunday School

No phyouth Sunday night!  Rest up from Veritas and get your homework done!!!




The last two Sunday nights we have been discussing the reality of poverty and hunger in the United States and our responsibility as the body of Christ.  Not only are we to feel empathy and compassion for those who are in need around us, but we also have to act in ways that  contribute to fixing the problem.  All this week phyouth is helping is by hosting a PHUMC-wide clothing drive to support the local Compassion Center here in Little Rock.  Bring clothing donations to the Great Hall/Gym and leave them on the stage by Sunday, February 23rd.  On Sunday, phyouth will sort and prepare the donations to be picked up by the Compassion Center.

Reminder: All Veritas $$ is due by Sunday, Feb. 23rd.

Other phyouth events this Week:


6:30pm – 7th/8th Grade girls small group meets at PHUMC


10:00am – Sunday School (meet in youth room)

2:00pm – phyouth lead a special service at the Methodist Behavioral Hospital.  We will plan our service from 2:00pm-2:40, and be at the Hospital from 3:00-400.  We will be back in time for choir at 4:30.

4:30pm – Cornerstone Singers

5:30pm- phyouth group

I hope everyone has a wonderful, compassion filled week!


Send Some Love on Valentine’s Day!

valentineWant to do something nice for someone on Valentine’s Day?  The Arkansas Childrens Hospital is asking for 35,000 Valentine e-cards to be sent to all the children and families who are spending their Valentine’s Day in the hospital.

All you have to do is click on the link and follow the instructions to design and personalize your own e-card.

Here is the link: www.giving.archildrens.org/valentine

Spread the love of God this week by taking a few short minutes to send a kind note of our thoughts and prayers to a sick child.

Feel free to pass the link on to other friends and family!  The more the merrier!

Love and peace to you all this Valentine’s Day.


No-show Snow?

no snow


Well, the snow did not make its predicted appearance this week.  I can’t decide if I’m relieved or disappointed?

In other news, Youth Sabbath was a great success.  Revs. Skarda, Lynn, Lindsay, and Price, along with the rest of our staff have sent high praise and gratitude for our wonderful youth.  If you enjoyed being a part of the worship services and would be interested in participating on a more regular basis, please let me know.  Both services (Sanctuary and New Heights)  really want more youth involvement.

We will be continuing our focus on poverty and hunger in America this Sunday  night at youth.  Parents and youth: be spreading the word that we will be collecting clothing and shoe items for the Compassion Center here in Little Rock on Sunday, February 23rd.  All donations are to be brought to the gym/Great Hall and left on the tables which will be set up on stage.

This week will be a typical week of basketball, small groups, Sunday school, and phyouth.  Here’s what we have on our agenda:


9:00pm- 11th/12th grade boys basketball (PHUMC I)


6:00pm – 9th/10th grade boys basketball (PHUMC I)

6:30 – 7th/8th grade girls Small Group @ PHUMC

7:00 – Girls basketball (PHUMC II)

8:00 – Girls basketball (PHUMC I)


6pm – 11th/12th grade boys basketball (PHUMC II)


8am- 7th/8th grade boys basketball

12pm – 9th/10th grade boys basketball (PHUMC II)

1pm – Girls basketball (PHUMC I)

2pm – Girls baskeball (PHUMC II)

4pm – 11th/12th grade boys basketball (PHUMC II)


10am – Sunday School

4:30 – Cornerstone Singers

5:30 – phyouth group discusses: Poverty/Hunger in America

I hope everyone has a great week!