Leave it on the Field

phyouth (10)This Sunday…

Legends will be made.

Records will be shattered.

Pigskin heroes will rise from the ashes.

I’m not talking about the Peyton/Cam smackdown on the evening of February 7th.  I’m talking about the pulsa-racing head-to-head of the phyouth flag football match set to go down on the afternoon of 02.07.16.  There won’t be broken bones (my mouth the God’s ear), but there might be broken hearts…

We will meet in the phyouth room on Sunday, 2/7 immediately after the 11:00 worship services and have a quick lunch. Then we will head over to War Memorial to enjoy a couple of hours of game time.  Pick up by 2:30pm that afternoon.

This Week


7:30am Breakfast Club (Chick Fil A on Markham)


9am worship
10am Sunday School
11am Worship
12pm phyouth lunch and flag football (Meet in the phyouth room for lunch.  Pick up at War Memorial Stadium at 2:30pm).

Have a wonderful week!  Let us know how we can lift you up in prayer or be in ministry with you this week!



phyouth: 2 (Main) Things


2 Main Things

  1. The FINAL Veritas deadline is Sunday, January 31st.  If you have not let Jay or Jennie know by then that you are coming, you will not be able to attend!  So let us know asap if we haven’t heard from you – we don’t want anyone to miss out!  Veritas is March 4-6th in Hot Springs and costs $125 per youth (ask about available scholarships).  Please email or turn in your release form to Jennie (jwilliams@phumc.com) before the event.
  2. 9-12th Grade Sunday Night Service Opportunity. Sunday night all 9th-12th grade phyouth are invited to join us at Soup Sunday – an event that benefits Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.   Meet at 3:45 and pick at 7pm at the State Convention Center. We will be helping volunteer with the children at the event, and will all take turns tasting soup and finding out about all the ways AR Advocates help the families in need right here in our home state!  This is a huge privilege to be involved with this and counts as service hours.  Hope to see everyone there!  All youth who do not attend Soup Sunday will meet for our regular youth time at PHUMC (5:30-7:15).

Sunday at a Glance


9am Worship

10am Sunday School (Confirmation, 7/8th, 9-11th, and SENIORS)

11am Worship

3:45pm 9th-12th phyouth meet at the Statehouse Convention Center for Soup Sunday

5:15pm phyouth at PHUMC with all other youth

7:00pm Pick up at Soup Sunday

7:15pm Pick up at PHUMC for phyouth





veritasIt’s time to sign up for Veritas 2016!

When: March 4-6

Where: Hot Springs Convention Center

How much: $125 for conference registration, lodging, and some meals

Why: Because you love God and you also like hanging out with other young people…

The deadline to register for Veritas with phyouth is January 24th.  Email jwilliams@phumc.com to let us know!

phyouth: Mission!

This Sunday night at phyouth we are continuing our theme of Mission:  What Can I Do?  missionJay and I are always impressed by how passionate our phyouth are about being Christ’s hands and feet in the world!  So, we want to take the next two weeks to share some of the mission opportunities in our area and find out what you guys are excited about getting involved in as a youth group too!  Join us on Sunday night at 5:30 in the gym for fellowship dinner!



9am Worship

10am Sunday School

11am Worship

5:30pm phyouth Mission: What Can I Do? 

New Year New phYOUth!


I hope one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get more involved with PHUMC and especially phyouth.  Let us be in ministry with you in 2016!

We have two fun youth gatherings this week!

  • First, we will meet for our first Breakfast Club of 2016 at Chick Fil A on Markham at 7:30am, Thursday (1/7) morning.
  • Then, Sunday night (1/10) we have our annual phyouth Restart: Bowling Night @ Professor Bowl (Rodney Parham) from 5pm-7pm.  All you need to bring is $$ for concession and $5 to bowl!  See you there!

This week


7:30am Breakfast Club @ Chick Fil A (Rodney Parham)


9am Worship
10am Sunday School
11am Worship
5pm phyouth Restart: Bowling Night! Meet at Professor Bowl (Rodney Parham) @ 5pm. Pick up is at 7pm.  Bring $5 and extra $$ for concessions.  

Have a great week!


O Come, Emmanuel

o come

As advent gives way to Christmas, we transition from hopeful anticipation to joyful celebration of God’s long-awaited birth in Jesus.  After years and centuries and millennia of waiting for the Savior to come and deliver humanity from the crummy predicament we were in – God arrives.  God arrives in the form of a helpless infant.  The God who created all things by the words of his mouth was born as an infant who could not yet speak.  The same Jesus who fed 5,000+ people in an open field came to the earth reliant on humans for his every basic need.

This God we love and follow meets us in our likeness, even though we are made to be like God.  God took on human limitation in the form of Jesus so that we could be set free from the limitation of sin and death once and for all.

Take a few moments this week to reflect on this very event, because this is the good news!  This is peace on earth!  Let us share this message of hope and love and relationship with the world around us this Christmas.  Peace and love be with you all.

phyouth will resume meeting on Sunday nights January 10th.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to our phyouth families and friends.  Let us know how we can be in ministry with your family over winter break.

Love, Jennie and Jay

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

May every joy be yoursthis Holiday Season (1)phyouth Chrismas parties this Sunday, December 20th!!!!

 3 parties for three groups of phyouth and friends!
  • Confirmation Party – 12:15-1:45pm @ US Pizza (Hillcrest)
    Bring a $10 gift for secret Santa and $$ for lunch!
  • 7th/8th Grade Party – 5:00-6:30pm @ the Hartsfield’s Home
    Bring a $10 gift and a dish to share!
  • 9th-12th Grade Party – 6:30-8pm @ the Thompson’s Home
    Bring a $10 gift and a dish to share!

If you need directions to any of these parties, email Jennie at jwilliams@phumc.com or text/call (918) 289-8006.


9am Worship
10am Sunday School
11am Worship
12:15pm Confirmation Christmas Party @ US Pizza Hillcrest – bring a $10 gift and $$ for lunch (pickup at 1:45)
5pm 7/8th Grade Party @ The Hartsfields’ – bring a $10 gift and a dish to share
6:30pm 9-12th Grade Party @ The Thompsons’ – bring a $10 gift and a dish to share

Happy Christmas everyone!  See you Sunday!

Peace and love,


Winter Peace!

winter peace

Winter Peace

This weekend is our annual Winter Peace worship service. This service is phyouth’s gift to the PHUMC congregation.  Invite your parents, friends, grandparents, and favorite cousins!  The service starts at 6pm, we need all youth to come to the church at 4pm for a final dress rehearsal.  We will feed you between rehearsal and the real deal!

phyouth Christmas Parties: you’re invited!

December 20th, 2015

12:15pm – Confirmation party at US Pizza immediately following the 11am service.  Bring a $10 unisex Secret Santa gift.

5:00pm-6:30pm – 7th/8th Grade party at the Hartsfield’s home.  Directions to follow.  Bring a dish to share and a $10 unisex Secret Santa gift!

6:30pm-8pm – 9th-12th Grade party at the Thompson’s home. Directions to follow.  Bring a dish to share and a $10 unisex Secret Santa gift!

This Week


9am Worship
10am Sunday School
11am Worship
4pm phyouth meet in Wesley Hall for final Winter Peace rehearsal (phyouth will eat a quick dinner around 5:30pm)
6pm Winter Peace