Good God, Let’s Eat.

Good God, let's eat!

During this season, we are especially thankful for the young people of PHUMC and their families.  We want to share our gratitude with you for allowing us to be a part of your lives and to share what we’ve been doing and what is upcoming for phyouth.  This Sunday at 5:30pm, join us for a special phyouth potluck dinner in Wesley Hall.  Parents, families, friends – everyone is welcome!  We will provide the main dish and rolls.

Here’s what your family can bring:

6th Grade – Salad
7/8th Grade – Veggies/Sides
9th-12th Grade – Dessert

You can RSVP here to help us get an approximate headcount, or if your plans change just show up – we don’t want you to miss!

Other News

  • Spring Break Civil Rights Bus Tour to Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma and Memphis: March 19-22 (also Holy Week). The deadline to sign up is December 15.  The cost is approximately $450.  We have invited members of the congregation to join us on this exciting pilgrimage.  All youth are invited to attend – but if you are a 6th or 7th grader – you will need to have a parent go with you.  Email to reserve your spots!
  • Breakfast in Bethlehem is on Saturday, December 5.  We will need youth and parents to help from 8am-10:30am.  Also December 5, is phumc rings the bell day!  Sign up when you come to worship.
  • Shop and Wrap Sunday is December 6th.  We ask that our youth worship during the 9am hour and then meet in the lower parking deck at 10am to head to Target to shop for our Christmas kids.  Bring a donation to help make Christmas special for Little Rock kids who would otherwise go without!
  • Winter Peace on December 13th @ 6pm.  We will be rehearsing for the next 3 Sunday nights for this phyouth worship service, our gift to the PHUMC congregation!  You don’t want to miss!
  • phyouth Christmas Parties on December 20th.  The confirmation party will be at lunch immediately following the 11am service at US Pizza: Hillcrest.  The 7th/8th and 9th-12th Grade parties will be later that day.  We need host homes for middle school and high school!  If you are willing, email asap and let me know.  Thanks!

This Week


6:30pm – Act Groups: Last meeting until after the new year!  Meet in the phyouth room, we’ll be done by 7:30.

Friday (Confirmation only)

4:45pm – Confirmands and Parents: meet at the Jewish Synagogue on Rodney Parham a for a brief history of the Jewish faith and a worship experience.  Parents are encouraged to stay for worship – but pickup will be around 7:15pm.


9am Worship
9:30am Confirmands – meet in the youth area at 9:15am to visit the Islamic Center near UALR.  We will be back in time for 11am worship.  Parents, we will need help driving!
10am Sunday School for 7th-12th grades
11am Worship
5:30pm phyouth family potluck “Good God, Let’s Eat!”  Bring your friends, family, and a side dish (see above for more detail).
7:15pm Senior High Bible Study with Jimmy Faulkner
Have a great week!  Find a way to rest, to experience God, and to share the love of Jesus with others.

Peace and love,



#hashThis Sunday morning, we hope you’ll come to one of our four worship services and hear esteemed speaker, activist, and follower of Christ – Shane Claiborne.

He will also be presenting his vision of the Church in a luncheon following the 11am service.  If you would like to attend the lunch, call the church office at 501-664-3600 to make a reservation.

Sunday afternoon we will put our faith into action by leading worship at the Methodist Family Health youth and family home.  Meet at 2pm in Jay’s office.  We will be back around 4:30/4:45.

Sunday night we will be looking at #hashtagtheology – what are the sound-byte Christian views on various age-old church topics, using a video of an interview with Shane.  It will be fun and provocative!

Other Stuff

  • phyouth family potluck – November 22nd @ 5:30pm in Wesley Hall.  phyouth ministries will supply the main course and rolls.  What to bring:
    • 6th Grade – Salads
    • 7th/8th Grade – veggies/Sides
    • 9th-12th Grade – Desserts
    • Everyone – Money for a special phyouth offering to benefit El Zo’calo Immigrant Center
  • Breakfast in Bethlehem – Saturday, December 5th.  Help us serve local families and guide them through the first Christmas.  (phyouth are needed from 7:30am in the gym until 10am.)
  • Shop and Wrap – December 6th.  phyouth and friends should worship at the 9am service and then meet in the phyouth room before caravaning to Target to shop for our 12 Christmas children.  Bring $$ that morning to contribute to the cause.



6:30pm – Act Groups for all ages.  Meet in the phyouth room before breaking into smaller groups


9am Worship
10am Sunday School
11am Worship
12pm Lunch in the Great Hall with Shane Claiborne (to make reservations call: 501-664-3600)
2pm Methodist Family Health Worship (meet in Jay’s office)
5:15pm Prison Ministry with Jimmy – meet in the lower parking deck
5:30pm phyouth group – #hashtagtheology

Have a wonderful week!  Let us know if you have any questions.

Peace and Love,

Jennie and Jay



Refuge! 9th-12th ONLY phyouth!

Refuge Friday-Sunday!

For our registered 6-9th graders the Refuge weekend is finally here!  We are so excited to be taking 70 youth and adults (our largest group ever!) to Shepherd of the Ozarks for a weekend of fun and worship.  For many of our youth, Refuge is not only a blast, but it’s one of the most spiritually formative experiences.   We will leave at 5:30pm from the Upper Parking deck of PHUMC (eat before you come-we will not eat at SOTO that evening) and will return around 1pm on Sunday afternoon to the same spot.

Sunday night, November 8th, during our normal phyouth gathering time (5:30-7:15) will be our first ever 9th-12th grade ONLY youth night!  While we let our middle schoolers rest and get homework finished for the following week, Jay and I will be worshipping with our older youth.  We are going to be talking about Expectations!  You don’t want to miss this experience!


  • November 15th – Shane Claiborne is preaching at PHUMC during 9 and 11am worship services!  There is a luncheon featuring Shane as speaker immediately following the 11:00 service.  Sign up for lunch at the reception desk – 501-664-3600.
  • November 15th – That same afternoon, meet in Jay’s office at 2pm to prepare to lead worship at Methodist Family Health.  We will be back to the church aroun 4:30/4:45.
  • November 15thPrison Ministry (5:15pm-7:30pm) with Jimmy Faulkner
  • November 22nd – phyouth Family Potluck!  We want our phyouth families to join us for a thanksgiving meal to celebrate the many things we have to be grateful to God for.  Watch for an announcement in the coming week about what to bring!

This week…


6:30pm Act Groups for all ages!  Meet in the phyouth room-bring something to eat or drink while we gather if you like!


10am Breakfast Club @ Ozark Country Restaurant (201 Keightly Drive).  Come celebrate your day off of school with a phyouth brunch!


5:30pm Refuge departure!  Meet at the Upper Parking Deck off of Woodlawn.  Eat before you come-we will not eat a meal at SOTO Friday night! Bring your Refuge Medical Release form (if you have not uploaded it) and your SOTO form (must have a hard copy of this form!!!).


9am Worship
10am Sunday School
11am Worship
1pm Refuge return!  Pick up on the upper parking deck off of Woodlawn!
5:30pm 9th-12th Grade ONLY phyouth group!  6-8th graders have the night off to finish homework and rest for the coming week.
7:15pm 9th-12th Grade Bible study with Jimmy Faulkner

If you have any questions about times or forms for Refuge let me know!  It’s going to be a wonderful week.

Peace and Love,



BONFIRE (1)This Sunday night is our annual Bonfire/Hayride at the Hoskyn farm!  We will meet at PHUMC on the UPPER parking deck at 4pm on Sunday afternoon to leave at 4:15.  We are shuttling everyone to England in a charter bus and church vans.  We will also need extra parents/vehicles to help get everyone out to the farm.  Let us know if you are able to help out by driving that evening (  We will be back at the church at 7:15, our usual time.

It would also be really helpful if we had medical release forms for every student who participates in our phyouth events, should we need health information.  The form is here:15-16 PERMISSION FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT.  Please fill it out and email it to (Jennie) or bring it on Sunday afternoon.


9am Worship

10am Sunday school/Confirmation

11am Worship

2pm Meet at Clinton Library for the Walk Out of the Darkness

3:30 Pick up at Clinton Library after the Walk

4pm Meet at PHUMC UPPER Parking Deck to board buses/vans/cars to head to the Hoskyn Farm.

7:15pm Pick up at PHUMC

See you Sunday!

Peace and Love,


Halloween Carnival

Pic - Halloween Carnival 2015It’s time for our annual Halloween Carnival this Sunday!  All phyouth and youth counselors will meet in the gym at 2:45pm to prepare for the children and families to arrive.  We will assign you your spot when you get here.  There will be games, crafts, and candy!  Bring some $$ for food truck refreshments.  Your time at the carnival can be used for service hours for school, too!  We will be done at 5:30pm and all of this will take the place of our regular Sunday night activities.

Other upcoming phyouth events:

Miracle League:


This Saturday, October 24th, phyouth will be participating with Miracle League from 8:45pm – 12pm.  Come play and be a buddy to some of our friends with special needs, have fun, and get some extra service hours, too!  See you then!

Walk Out of the Darkness:

On Nov. 1st , we invite you to join us as we help support suicide prevention at the Out of the Darkness Community Walk at Clinton Library from 2:30pm-3:30pm.  Sign up to walk with the phyouth team here:

Bonfire at the Hoskyn Farm:

Also on November 1st, we will be meeting on the upper parking deck of PHUMC at 4pm to board the bus for the Hoskyn family’s farm in England, AR for our annual bonfire!  We will be back to the church by 7:15 that evening for pickup.

This week:


6:30pm – Act Groups!  Meet in the phyouth room and we will break out from there.  Bring your dinner or a snack to eat while we gather!


8:45am Miracle League, pick up at 12pm


9am Worship
10am Sunday School
11am Worship
12pm Connect the Rock Community Choir
2:45pm Halloween Carnival; pick up at 5:30pm!

The Halloween Carnival (3-5:30pm) will take the place of our regular Sunday night phyouth activities!

Have a wonderful week, and let us know how we can be in ministry with you and your family!

Peace and Love,


Fall Break


I hope you all had/will have a safe and relaxing fall break these two weekends!  This gorgeous forested road is what I’m imagining that Little Rock looks like right now in honor of fall.

Even though it really feelsDesert Sands more like this most days.  Sigh.



We will be meeting for phyouth this Sunday at our usual time (5:30pm-7:15pm) to finish out our October Ghosts theme!Ghosts

Next week, October 25th, phyouth will be sponsoring our PHUMC Halloween Carnival in the gym from 3-5:30pm.  This will be in place of our normal youth activities and we need all of our phyouth there to help with the children who attend!  Bring a bag of candy to contribute to the kids’ trick or treat bags!

Right Now

The OMP Deadline is tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 15th! If you want to attend one of our 2 OMP opportunities for Summer 2016, please email me asap and get us your $50 deposit.

The total cost is $200 for each camper.
The dates are:

  • 6th/7th Grade – June 5-9th (Sunday through Thursday)
  • 8th-12th Grade – June 19th-25th (Sunday through Saturday)

Looking Forward

  • October 18th – Prison Ministry (9th-12th Grade – long pants and closed toe shoes required)
  • October 24th – Miracle League, Jr. Deputy Field, 8:45am to noon (can be used for service hours).
  • October 25th – Halloween Carnival, 3-5:30pm (can be used for service hours).  Bring a bag of candy for the kids!
  • November 1st – Out of Darkness Walk and Bonfire at the Hoskyn’s farm

This Week

6:30pm – Act Groups *7/8th Grade Boys Act groups starts tonight!!!*  All youth meet in the phyouth room.  Feel free to bring dinner or a snack to eat while we gather!

9am Worship
10am Sunday School
11am Worship
12pm Connect the Rock Community Choir
5:30pm phyouth Ghosts *find out the winners of our Spooky Story contest!*

We love you guys! Have a great week!


Ghosts of Scripture Past

Ghosts (1)Continuing on with our “ghostly” theme, this  week at phyouth we will be talking about fear in our lives, and what Jesus has to say about it.

Other things:

Upcoming Service Opportunities:

  • Prison Ministry (9th-12th only) – Sunday, October 18th: Meet in the lower parking deck at 5:15pm, long pants and closed toe shoes required!
  • Miracle League (all ages) – Saturday, October 24: Meet at Jr. Deputy Field at 8:45!  We will finish up around 12pm

This Week:


6:30pm Act Groups: Meet in the phyouth room, bring your dinner or a snack to eat while we gather!


9am Worship
10am Sunday School
11am Worship
12pm Connect the Rock Community Choir Rehearsal (meet in the PHUMC choir room)
5:30pm phyouth worship. Ghosts: Polter-Christ
7:15pm Senior High Bible Study with Jimmy Faulkner

See you this week! Let us know how we can support you in life and faith!